Chucks Clearance Corner

I’m sure the real Chuck’s Bike-O-Rama had a clearance section, so why can’t we? Not to discount any of these T-Shirt’s style and awesomeness, we just needed a place to keep them. Who remembers Amazing Larry? The look on his face was priceless when he was called out. And that mohawk! “There’s No Basement At The Alamo” is THE line that if you have seen the movie or not you still have heard it. All time classic!

Amazing Larry Pee Wee Herman T-ShirtThere's No Basement At The Alamo Pee Wee Herman T-Shirt


The “PEE WEE” T-Shirt is a play on the classic hip hop group RUN DMC’s logo. You really can’t go wrong when you combine one of the godfathers of rap and Pee Wee Herman! “Straight Outta The Alamo” is another fun T-Shirt that plays on the movie “Straight Outta Compton” and combines it with Pee Wee’s struggles when he visits the Alamo.

Pee Wee Herman T-ShirtStraight Outta The Alamo Pee Wee Herman T-Shirt